Executive coaching

As more and more people start to understand the power of coaching, organisations are turning to trusted leadership and executive coaches to support their leaders to deliver on their strategic goals. As part of powering the future of leadership, we offer tailored individual or group coaching that's aligned with your strategic and organisational change needs. ​​​

While the coaching process is different for everyone, our coaches provide leadership and executive coaching that aligns with our ACE framework.

  • Assess - we encourage the use of an assessment pre-coaching to help build understanding as quickly as possible.
  • Coach - the journey to increasing self-awareness, identifying clear goals and learning along the way.
  • Evaluation - we support coachees to reflect and evaluate their progress and the impact they have made.


Executive coaching

Executive coaching is all about unlocking people's potential to maximse their own performance. In an organisational context, coaching programmes are often used for:​​​

  • Leadership development​​​
  • Transition support
  • Supporting organisational transformation
  • Team effectiveness and management​​​

We have a diverse network of qualified coaches to offer you skillful, tailor-made support. Our team of leadership and executive coaches have a variety of backgrounds, from senior executive experience to working with start-ups and high-potential individuals. ​​​

Coaching packages:​​​

We offer coaching packages for various levels within organisations. These comprise of between 6-12hrs of one-to-one coaching, pre-coaching assessment and administrative support. ​​​

  • Executive Leaders
  • Mid to Senior level leaders
  • High-potential and Future Leaders
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Group coaching

Group coaching leverages collective insights, experiences, and diverse perspectives for accelerated growth. It helps create psychological safety, promotes self-awareness and provides accountability towards individual and shared goals.​​

Group coaching encompasses three dimensions:​​​

Collective Learning and Insight

Group coaching emphasizes shared experiences and insights among participants. The collective wisdom of the group contributes to a richer learning environment.

Individual Growth and Accountability

While benefiting from the group dynamic, participants also focus on individual goals and growth. The coach guides individuals in setting and achieving personal objectives, and group members hold each other accountable, enhancing motivation and progress.

Synergy and Collaboration

Participants contribute diverse perspectives, skills, and support, amplifying the overall effectiveness of the coaching process. This collaborative energy helps accelerate the achievement of both individual and group objectives.

Group Coaching packages:​​​

We offer group coaching packages for various levels within organisations. ​​

  • Executive Leaders
  • Mid to Senior level leaders
  • High-potential and Future Leaders
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Some key figures

The impact of coaching

86% increased productivitywhen training
is combined with coaching
compared to just 22% with training alone
$7.90 ROIfor every $1 invested
in executive coaching
3.5x more engagedemployees
through 'ripple effects'
of coaching

More than 500 companies
have already placed their trust in us

trust us!

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