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In the dynamic landscape of today's business world, effective leadership is the cornerstone of success. At Morgan Philips Talent Consulting, our Assessment and Succession services provide high quality data and insights to increase awareness, leverage strengths, identify development areas and grow potential at both the individual and organisational level.​​

With the advancement of technology, especially Artificial Intelligence, it’s never been more important to ensure you have quality leadership data powering critical talent decisions.

Our approach to leadership assessment goes beyond evaluating skills and competencies; it delves into the essence of an individual's leadership style, potential, and impact. By gaining clarity around leadership capability in your organisation, you empower your teams to make informed choices, drive performance, and align talent with your company's vision and strategy.

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Leading with Purpose®
Executive Leadership Profiling

For current or prospective, Board members, SLT members and other Executive leaders. ​​

  • Business success today requires a deeper, more evolved way of leading others.​​
  • To maximise impact and well-being, leaders need to focus on both the ‘Inner’ and ‘Outer’ dimensions of their lives. The ‘Inner’ focus helps them to harness powerful sources of energy and the ’Outer’ focus helps them to navigate their social world in an impactful way.
  • To be ‘the best of the best’ also requires an understanding of how to enact leadership through important habits which, when applied, establish the intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and executional bandwidth to access a human’s innate resourcefulness, as well as mobilise and orchestrate the energy of others in an empowering way.
  • We call this evidence-based approach Leading with Purpose®. At its core, it prioritises establishing a roadmap aligned to a meaningful purpose. This ‘inner compass’ helps to build important connections which, when established, function like a new operating system which has been scientifically proven to organise and integrate the human system to be more cohesive, coherent, and systemically sustained.

Leading with Purpose® is the starting point to enact leadership power which helps to:​​​

  • Maximise personal resourcefulness and resilience
  • Inspire and empower the workforce to maximise engagement and impact
  • Identify and mobilise creativity in top teams to support the drive for innovation
  • Sharpen communication to land messages with resonance and impact

Mid to Senior Level leadership assessment

For mid to senior-level leaders, we focus on identifying the leadership skills and behaviours necessary to navigate the complexities of today's business environment. Our assessments provide a detailed examination of leadership competencies, interpersonal dynamics, and decision-making ability.

This provides a comprehensive understanding of your leaders’ capabilities and identifies the right person for the role and/or facilitates targeted leadership development interventions. Elements of our market-leading Leading with Purpose™ are also intertwined with our assessment approach for mid to senior leaders. This allows us to provide additional value by also identifying the high-potential leaders within your organisation.​​​

Our assessment approach helps your mid-to-senior leaders to:​​​

  • Move between the operational and strategic in charting the course for the business
  • Manage complexity and high levels of pressure with organisation, poise and resilience
  • Build strong and influential networks that ‘open doors’ with current and future stakeholders
  • Unlock performance in their direct reports and peers
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A modern leadership framework

Our leadership framework acts as the foundation for our leadership assessment process. It highlights the key behaviours that lead to high performance, across six key areas and four seniority levels - individual contributor, team leader, functional leader and strategic leader.

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Seek to understand, analyse and evaluate information and situations, ask questions to find solutions; and make decisions accordingly.​​


Take the initiative to plan and prioritise to achieve objectives; be results-oriented.​


Demonstrate resilience and adaptability; challenge and question to progress; exchange ideas and innovate to improve working methods​.


Lead by example; encourage and motivate; help and support; guide and develop others.


Collaborate and cooperate by developing productive working relationships; communicate and influence, listen and empathise.


The ability to work with insight, flexibility and confidence in response to challenging and changing circumstances.

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High potential and future leaders


Identifying and nurturing emerging leadership talent is crucial for long-term organisational success. Our High Potential, Future Talent and Graduate Assessment services are designed to pinpoint individuals with the capability and potential to make a real impact in your organisation, enabling you to invest in their development from the outset. By strategically aligning talent with your organisational goals, we help you build a pipeline of leaders who will drive innovation and sustained success. ​​

Our assessment approach helps you identify the talent who:

  • Are best suited to thriving in the culture of your organisation​​
  • Have the agility to continue learning and growing from their experiences
  • Align their ambitions with your values to make a positive impact to the organisation
  • Bring the novel ways of thinking that are crucial to future-proofing your business


Agility is a key attribute to performance and potential at all levels of an organisation. As we now face challenge and disruption at an unprecedented level, organisations need the capability to adapt and change in order to survive.
Organisations need people who can make sense of the complex environment they operate in and respond with definitive action. ​

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People Agility

Understanding self and others, and acting with empathy and interpersonal insight to achieve results.​

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Performance Agility

Dealing with pressure, being resilient, flexing and adapting plans to meet objectives.

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Growth Agility

Openess to learn from experience and drive improvements.

A flexible approach to assessment


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