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Discover our commitments in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility and our concrete actions for a better world.

At Morgan Philips, our dedication to creating a positive impact on the world is deeply rooted in our core values of Commitment, Agility, Humility, Team Spirit, Ambition, and Disruption.

These values shape our approach to integrating social and environmental responsibility into our business practices, fostering a sustainable and prosperous future.


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Corporate Social responsibility

Morgan Philips, through our core values, strives to make corporate responsibility a way of life. Together, with our employees, partners, and communities, we are committed to building a better world and leaving a positive legacy for generations to come.

  • Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility :
    In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, we actively pursue agile and innovative solutions to reduce our ecological footprint. Our goal is to lead by example, advocating for energy efficiency, waste reduction, and responsible sourcing to contribute to a healthier planet.
  • Employee Wellbeing, Global Contribution, and Empowering Positive Action :
    In alignment with our commitment to corporate responsibility, we extend our dedication to employees through the "My MPG Coach" program. This unique initiative not only encourages team members to participate in local initiatives and charitable activities, cultivating a workplace culture that prioritises personal and collective wellbeing but also empowers them to make a positive impact on society. Aligned with our commitment, "My MPG Coach" enables employees to contribute positively through volunteering time, skills, or resources, contributing to our shared ambition of creating a significant and lasting difference in the communities where we operate
  • Community Engagement and Philanthropy :
    Guided by our commitment to addressing social issues, we actively seek collaborations with local organisations, creating positive change through philanthropy

  • Transparency and Accountability :
    Our commitment to transparency aligns with our dedication to accountability for our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. We regularly review our sustainability goals, community initiatives, and the impact of "My MPG Coach," ensuring that our stakeholders are informed and actively involved in our journey toward a more sustainable and socially responsible future. Morgan Philips strives to make corporate responsibility a fundamental aspect of our organisational culture. Together, with our employees, partners, and communities, we are dedicated to building a better world and leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

Together, advancing towards a more inclusive and diversified society


  • In our recruitment and talent management activities, we champion non-discriminatory principles, actively integrating a variety of perspectives to enhance collaboration and flexibility.
  • We understand that learning from diverse experiences is essential for fostering innovation, we emphasise the importance of challenging conventional norms to drive positive change.
  • Acknowledging that building an inclusive culture is an ongoing journey, we are committed to continuous improvement and dedicated to fostering an environment that embraces diversity and promotes growth.
  • Our workplace celebrates authenticity, ensuring every individual can thrive and contribute their unique strengths, fostering a culture rooted in our corporate values.
  • By choosing Morgan Philips, you become part of a community that believes diversity and inclusion are not just values but integral components of our identity and business success, aligned with our core values.
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