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Why join us?

An international group

  • A global network of offices and international teams to serve clients of all sizes, from Start-Ups to multinationals and SMEs. Morgan Philips has a global talent pool.
  • Experience regular international exchanges and broaden your knowledge of diverse global markets with Morgan Philips.

A training-oriented group

  • An onboarding program that lasts over 5 weeks to train employees on our profession and tools.
  • We offer regular training sessions and presentations covering a variety of topics, including HR, Recruitment, Management, Digital Transformation, Leadership and more. These sessions are designed to enhance your knowledge and improve your performance.

An innovative group

  • We offer a range of unique digital tools that are specifically designed to enable you to work more efficiently and effectively, and ultimately, help you to deliver better results.
  • Our talent assessment platform: Agility
  • Video CV application: Fyte4U
  • An internal Applicant Tracking System (ATS) combined with an international database.
  • Innovative talent sourcing techniques to find the best talent:
  • Talent research centers
  • A club of experts, the Club 5000
  • Content dissemination software on social networks.

A socially responsible group

  • We believe in a balanced approach to work-life, with initiatives supporting:
  • Flexible working hours and remote working
  • An active CSR policy which includes waste sorting and recycling, energy savings, and support for charities.
  • My MPG Coach: it is a unique initiative that combines sports coaching and personal development to help our employees achieve their fitness and wellness goals.
  • We love to celebrate success and make it a fun experience! We strongly believe that individual achievements are always associated with collective success, and we take pride in acknowledging and celebrating them together.

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  • (Stage) Conseil en Recrutement

    Geneve, Switzerland

    Développez vos compétences en recrutement en réalisant un stage passionnant au sein du bureau Suisse de Morgan Philips SA !   Au sein de nos équipes chevronnées, vous aurez l'occasion de découvrir le ...

    PermanentLegal and Professional Services(Stage) Conseil en Recrutement link

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